Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Ian

Ian turned 4 yesterday! We had a Thomas the Train party with some friends and I would call it a success. He got all of his favorites to eat yesterday...donuts for breakfast, corndogs for lunch and pizza for dinner. I made a train cake (well attempted) to make it for him. The best part of the train cake to Ian--the tootsie roll smokestack. If I had only known that the tootsie roll would have been the biggest hit I would have just unwrapped a bunch and put them on the cake. Happy Birthday Ian!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What we learned...

So we went to the beach on Saturday and discovered some important points about beach going with two kids.....

  • Put sunscreen on at the car (I know I know. It should have been a no brainer but for whatever reason we failed to do it).
  • Pack a sturdy trowel or mallet to pound in the beach umbrella. (It toppled over so many times it was useless not to mention me getting hit in the head by it).
  • If Ian gets saltwater in mouth, plan for day to be done.
  • Kids bring home more sand to create our own private beach. (Livy was better than Ian)

It was a good outing and we have definitely will apply our new found knowledge!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh what do you do in the summertime?

What do you do in the summertime? So far we....
1. Signed up for the summer reading program (and are already done as you only need to read 15 books)
2. Attended the Regal Free Family Movies twice (and haven't made it through either movie yet)
3. Go to the pool almost everyday (often being chased out by an afternoon thunderstorm making it's rude and noisy appearance)
4. Go to the Spinkler park (where I get just as wet as the kids)

5. Play some Wii games (Ian can still beat me at bowling)
6. Watch some movies together (with popcorn and a treat. So far Monsters, Inc and Emperor's New Groove have recieved marginal reviews at best by our local house critic. We are opting for Cars this weekend)
7. Have friends over for BBQ or playdates complete with visits from our animal life of the wetlands
8. Do arts and crafts projects (like painting or stamping our handprints to make our Father's Day wrapping paper)

9. Watch the thunderstorms turn our backyard into a big puddle
10. Love every minute we have of our baking hot summer in SC.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hymnal Fishing

So who says you can't fish on Sunday's? Apparently we haven't gotten that part of Sabbath day activities disscussion in Family Home Evening. This is his story.

We're sitting in the pew ready to sing the opening hymn in sacrament meeting on Sunday. Ian is fascinated by my mini blue hymnal and likes to find the hymn and have it open to the right page. After situating him I focused on getting a toy out for Livy to keep her quiet while in Brett's arms. When I turn back to look at Ian he has the ribbon spot marker out holding the book that is dangling over the edge of the seat and is pretending to pull the hymnal up slowly as if reeling in a big catch. I didn't get it at first and I asked him what he was doing. He then pretends to cast the hymn book back and says "I'm fishing mom". I stifled my giggles knowing this was clearly bad but so cute and very inventive. Since he has never gone fishing or anything like it I can only guess that it is Mickey Mouse Club House that is to "blame" with the handy helper fishing rod with the red gooey fish episode we recently watched. So now we keep the ribbon spot marker tucked away and keep an eye on any brewing episodes to fish in sacrament meeting.

What ever will Livy do when she is old enough? We just can't wait.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happily Ever After...for 9 years

9 years ago Brett and I were married in the Washington DC LDS temple. It seems so short at some points and very long at others (usually after we have a discussion about the mechanics of squeezing a toothpaste tube--I am a 'squeeze it anywhere' and Brett is of the camp that toothpaste should only be squeezed from the end) but regardless of

We've had happy times and sad ones just like everyone else in a marriage. Some of our highlights are:

  • 2 wonderful children (especially when they are asleep or eating treats)
  • 5 jobs (some tedious) for Brett and 2 for Elaine
  • 2 apartments (both sketchy) and 2 homes (both excellent)
  • 3 international trips (all with great memories) and tons of other trips
  • 2 graduations (both for Brett)
And some of my most favorite points of laughter that we have shared:

  • Being a lobster and a zebra
  • Trying to move Brett's bachelor chair
  • Dropping batteries over feet
  • The evil glare of the Czech man over our Samonsite suitcase
  • Ian and Livy's kid antics
It's been a great 9 years and next year we're going to add to the number of international trips as we head to the Carribean for our 10 year anniversary so bring on the sunscreen!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Magicians or MacGyver???

So I've decided in my almost four years as a mommy that mom's are definitely magicians or MacGyvers source for how to's. For example, ask a mom how to entertain children using only a paperclip, a stick of gum, and a straw wrapper found from the depths of her purse/diaper bag, and you will see the most eleborate craft day project appear. And speaking of the purse/diaper bag, I would LOVE to go on the old TV game show Let's Make A Deal because I would be walking away as a winner because I tell Brett the diaper bag is like a 72 hour kit that I keep with me at all times. It does have the advantage of giving my arms a nice work out hefting it around.

No one ever told me that mom's had this "magic" knack or where it is gleened from but I think all mom's have the ability. No other job I have had prepared me for the amount of multi-tasking and improvisonal problem solving that I would encounter as a mom. So I ask you fellow moms--why didn't anyone speak up?

Personally, my favorite is being the magician while at the doctors office. We spend ample amount of time at a doctor's office not only for Ian but also for Livy. (We were there today for an ear infection and what might be strep. )

The last time Ian had a CHOA appointment only Brett and Ian went to give Livy and I a break. After triage while waiting in the room for the doctors to start rounds, Ian looks at Brett and asks "So where are my Thomas Books?" to which Brett was buddy I don't have anything. Ian tries a different do you have some which Brett again said, I have nothing nothing at all. Ahh....yes the mommy in me smiled when I heard this and thought of how buff I am becoming toting my magicians magic bag (aka diaper bag or 72 hour kit) whereever I go. (As a side note...I have since prepared brett with an emergency thomas the train paper that he now carries in his wallet).