Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A weekend away

So I've been told I need to update my blog more frequently....will work on that :) This past weekend I spent the weekend away in Floyd, VA in a mountain cabin with friends. It was wonderful and a much needed get away. We went to the Friday night jamboree (my first time) and it was a bit squishy and compact but well worth a few moments of claustrophobia. If you haven't been, it is something to go to! I'm sad to say it was my first time going and I have been in the area for 28 years now. It was great not having to worry about diapers, dosing meds, or battling food with Ian. I definitely hope that the road trip continues for a 3rd annual outing next year. If you want to see pictures of the weekend, you can check out http://themckinleyfamily.blogspot.com/ or http://turnerpharm.blogspot.com/ and read more about the trip. I have wonderful friends!!!!

As for Ian, his PELD is now a 12 up two points from last time but doesn't really do much for his position on the list. This last set of labs was much less traumatic due to nurse judy at the hospital--she was great! Ian is quick though and pulled out the first needle faster than I could even grab his arm. I'm not one for lots of bribery, but for labs, yeah I bribe him to sit and be good. Ian is so into trains--Thomas, Gordon, Percy! He cries every time we return the train books to the library even though we check out new books each time. Naps have been a bit of a battle since the time change but I am hoping that we have turned a corner here.

More on the next post.....