Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Month Day

I have been faithful in taking "month day" pictures of the kiddos since birth as a means to do baby books for them. These are pictures each month of the number of their birthday along with highlights from the month.

Yesterday was Ian's month day (one of his last as when they start kindergarten I will just use the school pictures) and it coincided with Kindergarten Open House night. I still can't believe that this fall he will start Kindergarten! Here he is fishing for letters, his favorite activity of the evening.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ruby Slippers

I donned a pair of ruby red slippers and clicked my heels three times as there is no place like home and that is Virginia to me. The kids and I loaded ourselves and the DVD player for the journey (they did great actually!)

The kids got to:

help grandma and grandpa plant potatoes

play in the water table

eat lunch with grandpa at the vet college and feed the ducks

and indulge in the family favorite....STICKY POPCORN! This was Liv's first taste of the good stuff!

I got to nap, sleep in, and go out with friends for some catching up! Truly there is no place like home!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Livy is offically 18 months and so that means....that she started nursery today!!! I put her in a new dress and everything and tried very much to get a nice picture of her before we left but this is the best one I got.
Oh the anticipation for her starting; not on her part but on ours :) She did fabulous with not a tear, not a glance back at me or anything. I was amazed. She did managed to climb onto her chair and flip over it bumping her head (need to remind the leaders to watch her closely as she is a climber). It was so heavenly to actually listen to a gospel doctrine lesson as I haven't had that in well 18 months really!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Preparations

Livy has enough hair for pigtails (kind of). They lasted about as long as the picture session and then one side was pulled out. We'll have to figure a way to make them last :)

We have had great fun hiding and finding eggs in practice and even had a yard egg hunt with friends recently which the kids loved.

Ian's preschool had a yard party with an egg hunt that we went to and it was great--including all the sand that we found in our shoes, hair, etc. afterwards. After Livy went splat twice on the hardtop, I put her in her stroller. (Note the scraped knee in the picture of the three of us.)