Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eating our words......

So we caved and actually purchased a pool membership here in SC this year. I know I know. Brett pitched it to me as a sanity saver; a place where I could take the kids during the day to get out, relax and do something instead of staying home all the time going crazy. I bought it and am now wondering what type of crack he slipped me that day to make me believe that it would be relaxing.

Normally when I am going out with the kids solo (sans Brett) I give myself a 30 minute load time. With swimming it almost doubles. Getting into the swimsuits motif is hilarious and it would be great to tape except for the very important point of child nudety.

Today's adventure to the pool went something like this...gear up to go and pray it doesn't start a freak thunderstorm as happened yesterday, get dressed again praying that the suits are dry as wet suits just adds a whole other layer of fun, load up making sure there are: snacks, extra diapers, water, sunscreen, cell phone, three floatie toys, beach ball (you get the idea), arrive at pool, unload to stroller and find a spot at pool. Put on sunscreen (who ever invented the spray type is my new hero!!!) and get into the pool. Ian immediately requests a bathroom break--oy! Get out of pool, load livy to stroller, put on shoes. Wrestle getting Ian's wet suit off enough so that a bathroom fiasco doesn't ensue. Wrestle to get suit back on. Get back into pool. Take livy out so she doesn't become a baby popsicle. When taking off livy's swim outfit, realize she has peed in her swim diaper. Load to stroller immediately and call it nice RELAXING day :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Chompers are here

Livy has her bottom two teeth (and has for about two weeks now). I must say that who ever invented teething biscuits didn't have to clean up after the gooey mess that is left behind; and we are talking some serious goo. Other teeth are not far behind. She is also scooting and getting ready to crawl soon. We just bought another baby gate tonight to partition off the stairs. She is so interested in Ian's train table and I know the battle is brewing for when she takes and engine off of it and starts chewing on it.

Ian is doing well and full of energy and spunk. He can repeat back what you say so we are finding ourselves being even more careful with what is said when. We started a new workbook today and he was super excited.

As a parting thought...why does it seem like time can move so slowly and so quickly at the same time?

Monday, May 4, 2009


We had a great trip to Virginia complete with making goodies with Grandma, garden planting with grandpa, sticky popcorn with grandpa, going to a park for the first time post transplant, livy getting her first tooth, and a suprise visit from cousins coming down from PA. It was a great visit and I got to go out and about shopping, seeing a few friends, and getting some much needed naps. It was great to go home! (Having trouble with picture posting here so check out facebook for some photo op shots.)