Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good-bye Summer Vacation, Hello School

We said good-bye to summer vacation and days filled with sleeping in, lazy mornings in PJs and afternoons at the pool yesterday. School started today. In customary celebration we did a "favorite" things that Ian wanted to do so we went to the sprinklers, ate a picnic lunch and went to the playground in the morning. That afternoon we did light saber battles, Mario Kart Wii and some crafts.
Ian got his hair cut on Friday in prepartion for school starting and the stylist convinced him that spiking it with gel would look so handsome and I couldn't agree more. I love this hairstyle because Ian can do it himself and it doesn't have to be "perfect". He got lots of great comments from the teachers today so he may be slowly convinced to keep it up--I sure hope so. Hard to believe that he started First Grade today. Based on last year's experience with the drop off chaos, we parked at a local store and walked across the street over to his school and it was a brainy idea to do this. I think we're going to have a great year ahead!!!