Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today was Ian's last day of preschool which was sad and exciting all at the same time. Thank you Miss Sandy. We will miss Bright Beginnings!

So in honor of the last day of "school" we joined the pools and went. Here is our checklist...


Towels (I bought extra at the end of the season last year based on experience at the pool)

Floats (Ian wanted to drive with his on)

Sunscreen (love the kids faces!)

I also had lots of pool toys, germ-x, extra swim diapers, that didn't make the camera reel. So who's ready to come and help me with the kiddos in the water???

Friday, May 21, 2010

Coming down the home stretch....

I've been working on my personal progress as a leader for Young Women's in church (see for more info) and I am coming down the home stretch to finishing up. This will be my third time through the program (one as a girl, two as a YW leader a few years ago and now again as a leader). Leaders have to:

Complete 24 value experiences
Complete 4 Value Projects including virtue's which is reading the Book of Mormon
Serve as a leader for 1 year

I have completed everything except writing my testimony in my journal about the program and what I have learned. My stake here in February challenged all girls and leaders to finish virtue before Girls Camp in June and I have been reading like crazy to get that one done. I put a kid show on for the kiddos and read on the couch next to them. I kept a Book of Mormon in my diaper bag to read in all those fractionary spare moments. And so forth to get it completed and I am proud to say I did it!

It has been amazing and I love the scripture in Alma 37:6
" small and simple things are great things be brought to pass..."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flowers and Sprinkler

We captured these photos of the flowers blooming in our yard on Friday. So beautiful.

Earlier that day, we had a great time at the Sprinkler (Wannamaker Park) on Friday! It was a littler cooler for Livia so we left a bit earlier than we expected to but it was still a very fun morning.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Catch Up or Ketchup?

I've been slow to post some new random things that have happened lately so here they are....
The dying heron on our driveway experience (found out that animal control here does not deal with birds and got hte run around from various agencies trying to find someone to help)

Livia's fixation with ketchup (she will just eat it plain and tries to lick it off her tray.)

Selling Brett's work truck (the transmission went out and it was going to cost almost as much as we paid for the truck to fix it). Ian is saying goodbye to "butch".
Livy discovering she can open doors and climb on beds...nothing is safe!
Ian's delight in tape measures

Monday, May 3, 2010

How Much?

My new hobby is couponing (see for how to start couponing). I went sans children (thanks Brett!) on Saturday after a fabulous Stake Women's conference to the local Harris Teeter that was having triple coupons and this is what I got:

2 cans of refried beans
2 cans of green chilies
1 box of motz sticks
4 cartons of yoplait kid yogurt
2 boxes gogurt
2 cartons trix yogurt
2 cartons light and fit yogurt
1 carton breyers yogurt
1 package turkey bacon
1 box country crock marg
1 package sargento cheese
2 packages mahatma rice mix
2 rolls viva paper towels

And for all this I paid.......
$6.70!!!! I saved over $48. It was worth getting lost on the way home! And yes, the cashier asked me how many children I had buying that much yogurt :)