Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Year

Livy, Ian and I recently travelled to Atlanta for Ian's clinic visit, Transplant night at the Braves, and some time with the Caylors (my sister and her family). The kiddos were the best they have ever been in the car (both to and from) and we made excellent time (both to and from).

Livy spent more time at Caylors than Ian and got to experience a sit and spin and their trampoline. I am hopeful that Santa will bring us one for Christmas.

Ian and had labs and clinic on Wednesday and in between we took advantage of the time by going to the Atlanta LDS temple open house. We were able to tour inside the temple and it was pretty special being able to talk to Ian about the sealing room where he will be married one day.

Wednesday at clinic we got the best news! Ian doesn't have to come back for clinic for a whole year!!!!! This is the longest we have ever been able to go even pre-transplant. We also have our lab schedule at every four weeks. We feel truly blessed. Doctor Romero (Ian's favorite and the doctor that has been seeing Ian the longest and is in the picture below) was the one to deliver the news to us and gave me a fist pump as congrats for getting to this milestone. Way to go Ian!

Thursday we went to the annual transplant night at the Atlanta Braves baseball team. Transplant kids get to walk the bases, have dinner at the stadium and get pictures with a few of the players all complements of the Braves organization. Two thumbs way up for the Braves for their philanthropy. Ian loved seeing a homerun, a few fireworks, and doing the usual fan "cheers" in the stands but had had enough by the third inning so we left.

We had a great trip to Atlanta and I am glad that I won't be writing about it again for a year!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A new phase

Life for us has entered a new phase. It is called "life-with-a-child-involved-in-a-rec-league-sport". Who knew all the things that would be involved when your kid joined a sport? Ian has his first game tomorrow night and I am responsible for getting him dressed in T-Ball uniform, etc. Please let me get the socks on correctly! I'd also love any ideas on how those of you seasoned moms have done this dinner on the go motif without doing fast food and what you serve for snack when it is your rotation. Livy isn't allowed to join dance (or anything else) until we are no longer novices at these extra curriculars :)