Thursday, August 27, 2009


We went to playgroup today at the Sprinkler. It was a great day for the sprinkler as there were hardly any other kids (school starting again is great for that) and it wasn't baking hot sunshine. Today was especially nice also because L could stand and walk so I didn't have to carry her and hold her the whole time--it was delightful!

I captured some great moments (in my humble mommy opinion) at with the kiddos having fun in the water. I will miss you Sprinkler when you close for the year in a few weeks.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

our vacation

I've not updated our blog for a while as we've been in Virginia visiting family and friends. It was a great trip--just not the getting there part. Our DVD player stopped working on our return journey at around Charlotte.

We also were racing to come back to make a 4pm doctor appointment for both kids that I set up that morning begging for the latest appointment as we would be coming from VA. BOTH kids turned out to have pretty gnarly ear infections and are now on antibiotics. I'm glad to know that at least there was some reason for the rotten sleep all of us got the last few nights.

So here are some of our highlights of our trip (in no particular order)
Canning beans (twice--I think the count was something like 88 pints)
Visiting the caboose park (Ian wouldn't climb on it once we got there)
Awesome haircut
Dinner with old High School band friends atMacado's
Lots of great afternoon naps for me while Grandma watched the kiddos (why can't you store sleep?)
Shopping with my Mom (great deals on capri's!)
Picking corn from the garden
Playing in the Virginia Room
Ian digging trenches in the garden (so that he could be "just like scoop" from bob the builder)
Playing with the water table
Shopping without the kiddos
Swimming with friends (sorry we were late)
Boucing balls with Ian (what a thigh workout!)
Twisty string cheese (I've told Ian that orange string cheese is only at Grandma's)
Playing $100,000 Pyramid game show with Mom late at night
Shopping at Kroger (sadness that they no longer sell hulless popcorn)
Watching the neighbors cat "Leroid" (real name is Elroy)
Girls night out (wonderful ginger cookies and conversation and stamping cards)
Hamster Wheel (termed the "Tramster wheel" by Ian)
Bubbles in the VA room
Die cutting foam and felt at Pulaski Library (the alphabet I started two years ago is complete)
Visiting Thrift stores for books (got a Eric Carle and Sandra Boynton for kids Christmas)

Here are some pictures from our journey and more are on my facebook page if you want to see them!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I hear a symphony

The sound of the garage door opening signaling Brett returning from work is just music to my ears, like a symphony. The kids tackle daddy and I well I want to run and lock myself in the bedroom for a few minutes of peace. Nothing like getting tackled!