Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye to 2007

2007 is almost gone and we are on to 2008. Last night my husband and I set our 2008 goals and it is funny how some of the same things have been on our lists each year--even if we have reached them before. I have five for myself this year including donating blood four times and keeping a grateful journal.

Ian has only one goal for 2008--become potty trained! We are so ready for that to happen. He is only 2.5 years old so we still have some time. Just tired of buying the over priced items that get filled with well crap and then tossed into a landfill.

Ian is doing well on all accounts. We are going to a transplant clinic visit in about a week so we'll have more current info on his status then. He is going through a bad "two's" phase and wants to do everything and anything his way or throws a fit! He is still into books, music, diggers, and school buses and has already started to ask when he can ride one. Today he recited our phone number to me--such a smart boy!

My naturalization interview is slotted for the end of January. Brett and I are taking a trip to cheer the Hokies on in the Orange Bowl in Miami--without Ian accompanying us. We are very excited. Hopefully we won't come back with a sunburn.

Hard to believe that this is the last post for 2007. On to 2008 with more on the next post!

eLaiNe :)