Sunday, September 23, 2007

More of the wait

So I've slacked recently in posting. Little has changed for Ian in his wait for liver transplant. He is doing very well and continues to defy the odds. We have a clinic visit in October and will be speaking with the child life specialist to know how to talk to Ian about his transplant, etc. as we want to be prepared to talk to him.
Summer seems to have gone by so quickly. The leaves are starting to change color a little bit. It has rained a few days even.
Ian is in the copy cat phase of repeating things I say. Very funny. He also likes to have the same book read to him a million times. I have actually stashed a few for now because I don't think I could read them one more time. I can recite several childrens books by heart now and wonder what knowledge was replaced by the words to "Panda Cake" or "Cars and Trucks".
I have been an offical stay at home mom since the end of August resigning from my position at Tele-Works. It was rough but it has been good for everyone in our family thus far.
I am knee deep in genelogy stuff and getting things together for an at home preschool I am doing with two other moms. Ian has also been sick with respitory problems again so I had to bust out the nebulizer and humidifer for him again. He is a champ at holding the mask over his face at this point for the breathing treatments.
As always, I will write more on the next post.