Saturday, April 18, 2009

Busy April...

April has been busy for us....a visit from Aunt Reina, Easter and then a trip to Altanta for Transplant Night at the Bravesa nd then a CHOA visit. We are headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house later this month still to go! It has been busy but worth it.
Ian was all excited about the baseball game until we got there and then it took major coaxing to get him to want to go inside. Who knows! It was bitter cold that night because of the wind so Livy and I lasted through the first pitch and Brett and Ian made it through the 6th inning which is about 5 innings longer than I thought he would make it. It was a great event put on by the Braves for the transplant kids.

Livy is all about rolling and scooting these days. She is teething I think but no teet yet. She chews on everything! She is so interested in Brett's hamburger from the braves night that you see. We keep telling her she must have teeth to eat things like that!

And because the kids were cranky after two days of no sleep and stuck in teh car for long periods of time, I squeezed in the back of the Corolla between teh two car seats to do what most mommys do on trips....push snacks, read books, play peekabo, and basically anything else that keeps the drama to a minimum. Don't ask how I got back there or how I got out!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Aunt Reina's visit

Aunt Reina (Brett's oldest sister by a few minutes) came to visit us this past week and we have had a fun filled week. Playing wii, going for walks and spotting our neighborhood gator, going to the beach and downtown charleston. It has been great. We will miss her when she goes.

Tonight we had our FHE and talked about Easter and how next Sunday when we celebrate it we should think of Jesus and Ian pipes up and says, "I'll think of my eggs". Nice to know we have done such a great job as parents to focus on the meaning of Easter :)