Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kindergarten Countdown

Ian will be entering Kindergarten this fall and is so excited about it. The tri-county area here does a celebration called Countdown to Kindergarten and we attended the first event yesterday. It was a mommy-son only date and was great. We learned lots of stuff and even got a free back pack but the highlight for Ian was the BUS RIDE!! They had buses running short trips around the block and he thought it was the coolest but was bummed that it didn't take us all the way home. I guess he didn't factor in how we would get our car home, etc. August can't come soon enough for Ian!

Monday, February 22, 2010


So this is a picture of me when I was about 1.5 years old.....

And I recently saw Livy doing this....

and had to take a picture. Eerie that her age is....anyone? yes, just under 1.5 years old. De ja vu?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Who would have guessed?

It snowed here in Charleston on Friday night. We got about 3 inches and it was AWESOME!!!! Since moving here two years ago, I had given up all hopes of seeing snow again but it was a great early birthday present to get some snow. The last time it snowed in Charleston was 10 years ago according to the news and people here reacted that way; schools closed early, stores were in panic mode and the interstate was a mess--and all of this before the first flake even thought about falling!

As soon as Ian knew it was snowing all he could think about (and ask about) was going to play in it. He checked the window every five minutes I think. Here is one of those periodic check ins with the snow just starting to pileup on the trashcan outside.
When we woke up, the kids raced to the window to see......

We bundled in our best 'make do' snow clothes (not having such things in South Carolina) and went and played in it. Ian loved it and Livy thought it was just cold. We could hear people all over our neighborhood outside in the snow. It was great fun!!!! We had hot chocolate afterwards. And after quiet time that afternoon, I caved and took the kids out again into what was left of the snow that had basically already melted. Ian is already asking when it will snow again.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Travel, coupons, and snow

This last week we were in Atlanta for Ian's labs and clinic at CHOA. All results were good (no EBV!!!!) and so we are back home. My mom came with us and drove for a portion of the way while I rode in the back of the corolla squished between two car seats--yipes! I think next time we have to take the Explorer.
My sister (that we stayed with in the metro Atlanta area) showed me her coupon system and I am in awe!!!! My binder pales in comparison! We both love except she has Kroger and I do not and I have Bi-Lo and she does not. Long live couponing!
Livy had her month day while we were at Aunt Bean's house. She is getting some of her molars and is wearing clips more (see in the picture). Her vocabulary is also getting bigger with diaper, bubble, and ball adding to it recently. She didn't nap on the trip home yesterday which made for a LONG drive but a quick trip to the crib when we arrived at the house.
When we got home, we found out that Charleston is expecting SNOW--1 to 2 inches. I'm anxious to see if it happens and if it does, we are taking tons of pictures!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Birthday Memories

Brett celebrated his birthday yesterday by having all of us home from the hospital (see Ian's blog for info on that one).

I had done a bit of shopping but not finished before said hospital visit so again Brett kind of got the birthday shaft as last year the kids and I were at CHOA for our first post discharge clinic visit. I did manage to make his requested cake after we arrived home....German Chocolate with the traditional frosting that Livy is very much wanting but can't have b/c of the pecans.
My goal next year is to have a REAL birthday dinner, presents for Brett.