Monday, September 13, 2010

Camp Second Chance

Ian and Brett went to Camp Second Chance (in Rutledge, GA) this weekend. This is a camp set up just for transplant kids and their families through CHOA. The theme was Under the Big Top and Ian had a wonderful time. I think the highlight for him was fishing and catching a catfish (about 2lbs) on his first fishing attempt.

There was a carnival, arts and crafts, and other activities lined up. The volunteers there were wonderful and we are hoping that our family will be able to volunteer when Ian is no longer a pediatric patient to pay it forward so to speak. It was a great experience and I feel fairly certain that we'll be going back next year.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Apparently, Livy has spent a lot of time watching me get ready in the morning as I found her doing the following things.

(She takes after one of her aunts in being fastidious with ear wax removal.) I was not able to get on camera the chapstick application (which said chapstick is now mangled and in the trash) or the toothpaste squeezing (which said toothpaste tube is now 1/4 emptied). I am going to start locking the bathroom when I shower but then I fear what she will find when she is left "alone".....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Sad to say that we had not been to the beach all summer until yesterday, Labor Day. It wasn't because we didn't try but the weather or illness kept thwarting our plans.

We had great weather yesterday so we decided to brave the crowds and go to IOP beach. The water was arm, sand great for digging, not overly crowded and both kiddos loved the waves and even giggled when they wiped out. We stayed long enough that the incoming tide got our blanket just a bit wet.