Thursday, February 14, 2008

Turning 30....

So I turn 30 in a day. Ahhhhh!!! I am dreading it really. I've always thought of myself as young but not when I am 30. I also thought life would be a bit different than it is for me. Doesn't hurt to dream though. Both my sisters are coming into town to help me celebrate so I'm excited. I get the most delicious birthday cake--oreo cake. It has real whipped cream as part of the frosting and is soooooo yummy and loaded with fat but so worth it!!!

Ian's PELD is a 10 again. He keeps hovering in a flip-flopping mode around these low numbers. Last lab experience was brutal--six lab techs had to hold a kicking, flailing, screaming child down on a cot. This has NEVER happened before. I was in tears myself at the end and called Brett to give him the heads up that he was on duty the next time for lab draws. Ian calmed down pretty quickly after the ordeal was over. He bruised again on his arm and got a Thomas the Train sticker out of it---except it is Gordon instead of Thomas to Ian--we go along with that to keep the peace. He is big on Gordon :)

Today, I told Ian that we were going some place special--Grandma's--and had him guess where. With complete child innocence and a huge grin, he looked at me and his first response was, special chicken which translated means McDonalds chicken nuggets....he has succombed to the marketing at such a young age already.

I am trying desparately to toilet train Ian without pressure. Any time I ask him if he wants to go he says no then proceeds to use his diaper clearly giving cues as to what he is doing. We had a good stretch at Christmas time where I thought we were making progress but alas, nope. My next idea is to have him help me train his Bob the Builder doll......who knows. We can't find any Bob underware though so Bob may have to Build or Fix some :)

Hearing all the political buzz out there right now makes me want to vote in November. I passed my naturalization test and am just waiting to be sworn in at this point. So exciting. Don't plan to register with a party, but am a republican supporter at heart. I tend to look at key issues and side with the person that lines up with where I fall on those issues. So for me, stem cell research and Iraq are a key issues. So are the economy, and abortion. I'm interested to see who makes the Democratic final ticket.

More on the next post.