Sunday, January 31, 2010


Livy has pigtails.....if you can even call the two millimeters of hair I managed to gather together to form these for the brief photo shoot. I think she is going to have my very fine thin hair when her hair finally starts to really grow. It doesn't matter; for now, I'm calling it and she has PIGTAILS!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Goats and Turkeys

Magnolia Gardens was our visit for this Saturday's Tourist pass. The camelias were to be in bloom (obviously not full bloom) and we managed to see a few that were just beautiful.

The petting zoo area was by far the highlight. The turkeys gobbled once and scared Ian and the goats well livy found her kindred spirit. We suspect that the goat could still smell the goldfish on livy making her the favorite :) She was delighted as was the goat who followed us around. Ian did like the maze garden as it was "like Peach Gardens (on Mario Kart Wii) but without the chompers. He verified several times that there would be no chompers in the garden. We did make it to the statue on our second attempt. Very muddy that day.

We also attempted to eat out on Saturday as part of our pass. Things could have been worse but they could have been better too. Livy just wants to run around and play peekaboo with the other patrons most are willing to oblige but there are some who give us "the look".

This Saturday is the final day for our pass and it is a good thing as we are all tired of our nonstop Saturdays as tourists.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stairs and Trees

We bought a "Be a Tourist in Your Own Town" pass this year which has allowed us to go to lots of the historical sites in the area. This past weekend we went to Patriots Point to the USS Yorktown and then on Monday to Middleton Place. Both were fairly good for the kids compared to the museum of the week before.

I had been to the Yorktown before about 20 years ago but now with two small children things were different considering the lure of the stairs for our resident "mountain goat" aka Livy. She loved the stairs but Ian was a bit hesitant. The submarine was even better having to pass the kids through the openings!

Middleton Place, to the kids, was just a big open park for running and jumping. We did what we could to contain them in a historic location. I just love the big oak trees and told Brett I felt I should be in a hoop skirt.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cold Weather

South Carolina is supposed to be warm...average temps right now should be in teh 50's and 60's but alas we have been like in teh 20's and 30's at best. So with not being able to get outside, I have (gasp) let the kids do playdough time and painting (all in the same day but of course in the kitchen). I am proud to say that Livy didn't even try to eat any. And yes, that is a flower making basket you see from my own childhood days.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holiday Tins and Games

Some of my favorite memories of Christmas time as a kid growing up are the Christmas Tins. The tins would be brought out (from that cabinet above the fridge that isn't good for storing much else due to the location) at the beginning of December and filled with all sorts of things that were made only at Christmas time. My all time favorite has to be shortbread cookies but close runner ups are 7-layer bars and homemade oreos. After eating a meal or when company came, my mom would always load a plate of goodies from each tin to be passed around for dessert.

Another of my favorites about Christmas was playing games with my family--card games especially like Oh Heck and Rook. We also had an amazing board game called Stock Ticker that we would start playing at the beginning of break and play each day never taking it down until the end of the school break. Go bonds and oil!!!

The other types of games my family would be into are the football bowl games! Not until I was in college with a team of "my own" did I fully appreciate college bowl season. My parents were here with us along with our longtime family friend for this New Years Eve and the VT Hokies game was that night. Our family dressed in Hokie gear, we taped the game, and put the kids to bed and then watched the game (without commercials!) It was fabulous!

So in tradition of my favorites here are two pictures of the current "traditions". Long live the holiday tins, games, and the college bowls!!!!