Saturday, January 26, 2008


Ian is doing well still. His PELD is a 6. Theories of the chicken nugget and driving sunshine seem to be proving out. I track everything and plot it in excel using trendlines, etc. I'm a nut a know; just trying to be a good mom. Ian's tummy is swollen due to his liver hardening. He is in size 3T or 4T shirts and pants have to be elastic waist. Diapers are also a bit of a problem but we are trying to work with him on potty training so we can eleminate the diapers altogether.

I'm into LOST now. Trying to cram 3 seasons into 2 weeks prior to the start of Season 4. Don't think I'll finish before the premier.

I also take my naturalization interview this Tuesday so I'm hoping that goes well. I don't know if I'll be sworn in that day if I do pass or if I will have a different date.

So that is life right now. More on the next post.

eLaiNe :)