Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Ian

Ian turned 5 today! He got a set of real golf clubs (7 clubs total) that go with his golf bag that he got for Christmas. He is on cloud 9--using a 9 iron probably :) We had a sprinkles cake and he wanted us to sing to him multiple times so we did. Can't believe my Ian is 5 and will head to kindergarten this fall. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Food Storage

So we did this project awhile ago (memorial day) but I thought I would post it now because I keep adding to our food storage now that we actually have one thanks to couponing! ( is awesome!)

I've rearranged things about a dozen times trying to get things to fit and we still have #10 cans under beds and various other stashes around the house. (Brett has told me to stop buying toothpaste as we have about 12 tubes or so in our toiletries pantry that is close to overflowing). The kids got into it sorting all the cake mixes, rice mixes, etc. Ian was thrilled to see the cookie mixes and promptly asked when we were going to make some. We have a bamboo cover over it now so it isn't as tempting to see the stuff.

And the finished shelving unit is.....

My next purchase is going to be wheat as I recently acquired a wheat grinder. Why didn't anyone tell me how heavy these beasties are????? Any suggestions on storing wheat or what type to buy as a novice would be welcome.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anniversary Vacation

Brett and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this past Thursday. In celebration we went to Williamsburg, VA by ourselves for a few days and then with the kiddos for a few days (my parents watched them--thank you Mom and Dad!)

We rode all the roller coasters several times when it was just the two of us and went to Colonial Williamsburg as well as we knew the kiddos would not do well with either of those things. We had a great time but missed the kids.

The kids loved the rides and going to Water Country and seeing various family while we were there (some from my side and some from Brett's met up with us!) The kids made it until the park closed at 10pm largely because we took a midday break for naps. The trip home was much better than we expected given the long stretch of I-95 in North Carolina. I will never travel without the DVD player again!

I'll be posting some more pictures on Facebook (hopefully) but here are some of my favorites.

The last ride the kiddos went on together was the Balloon ride in Italy and it was after 9pm so they were both tired.

Me on the ferris wheel type ride with the kiddos pre-Livy meltdown on the ride that had the ride operator shut it down for her to get off!

Ian and Livia in Sesame Forest with the characters that Livia was fascinated by and Ian was a bit scared of.
Me on the Elephant Ride (one of the few Brett does not do) and we are pretending it is a roller coaster with our hands in the air.

Palace Green in Colonial Williamsburg pre-kid visit.

Ian on his first ride ever, the Log Flume.

My favorite roller coaster at the park--Griffon was great but too short!

My favorite ride of all time--the scrambler!!!!!!!