Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hokies loose....

Brett and I were blessed to go to the VT/ECU football game this weekend in Charlotte. It was so much fun! Tailgated prior to the game and then went to the game. Our seats were in sun for only about 30 minutes of the game and that fact went in my grateful journal thatI keep. We had lathered up in sunscreen though and were glad that we did. We drank lots of water and tried to keep cool mental images in mind to help.

The game was great atmosphere but kind of lacked in the actual execution of things. The Hokies just didn't look sharp on any front this game. It was the first one so I'm hoping things will come together more for my alma mater. It was kind of embarassing at some points. I've got pictures on my phone that I'll hopefully get uploaded.

As for other news, I'm nesting seriously at this point. "pat" arrives next month and I have a list of all sorts of things that need to be done before she arrives. Brett is being so patient with me. Ian gives my tummy kisses which just melt my heart! Pat is active active active and I am ready to have a waistline and non-kicked ribs.

Ian hopefully will be starting preschool soon and we are excited for that. He is way into Thomas the Train and just earned Herold the Helicopter for making good sunbeam choices (for the most part) for a week. He keeps getting scraped knees from falls, etc. which are always an emotional moment for him.

I started a facebook page...who knew you could find so many people and that they could find you? I didn't.

I'm ready for the fall season of TV to start and am sad that LOST won't be starting a new season this fall.

Happy Labor Day and as usual more on the next post....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Me and my cheapness

So I get up this AM to go to a grand opening of a Bi-Lo grocery store to be one of the first 100 in line at 8am for a $50 gift card. Ian and I are up then so I figured why not. We get there about 7:58 knowing we would not be the first in line but we were like the 400th in line no lie. It was a line the size of one when Best Buy puts their laptops on sale for $100 laptops on Black goodness. People in line were even saying it was like the day after thanksgiving.....all for a free $50 gift card. We didn't even get in the doors of the store until 8:30. Once we got inside, Ian of course wanted to be in a huge cart with the turning wheels...yeah I already can't maneuver those on a good day with like 20 people in the store, let alone 500 in the store. The things I do for Ian!

I took pictures with my phone and when I download them I'll post a few. So I was curious as to when people got there so I asked one of the brass there at the store about it and was told 4am--no lie, 4am. Police were out directing traffic on the main road, etc. I fit through the tiniest of spots in the Explorer to park. There weren't any great deals--I only bought 1 5lb bag of sugar for $1. We did get some free food tastes though.

One funny thing that did happen is some lady in front of me asked a nicely dressed woman if she worked at Bi-Lo and it turned out she was the Mayor--soooooooooo hilarious! The mayor of course handled it very well and did the obligatory hand shaking, etc.

The only thing that I was planning and counting on from the experience that didn't happen is for Ian and I to be in line close to getting our lofty gift card andthe cry of "I have to go potty" to escape from Ian's lips. Thank goodness that didn't happen. Needless to say we are not trying for the promos tomorrow or Friday as I have come to my senses and realized it is NOT worth it. Oh the things I do in my frugal ways......hope those reading this are chuckling at and with me.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Fun

Summer is slowly fading away. I recently visited "home"--that would be Virginia and was again chastised to update more frequently so here is an update on my life in Charleston.

Ian continues to hold steady on his liver transplant wait. He loves the transplant team doctor and wants to go see him all the time at the butterfly hospital--aka CHOA. The transplant floor is decorated with all types and colors of butterflies and it is a hit with Ian. They have a big map display where the butterflies appear and move around it and it is his favorite. He still isn't ready to hold out his own arm for labs but what three year old kid would be? He knows what labs are at this point. He has graduated to a chewable multivitamin now--a big kid. He is also potty trained which is huge and earned a train table for doing so. Yeah Thomas the Train! He loves his big boy underwear too and keeps Thomas (and Percy, and James, etc.) dry and clean.

Baby "pat" is due in about 8 weeks. She is very active at night and keeps me up sometimes--getting me ready for the night feedings I think. I am starting to nest with getting the nursery set up and ready and am loving the pink and purple dresses, bows, tights, etc.

I just finished reading the last book in teh twilight series and it was wonderful. More sci-fi, intamcy, and language than the previous books. It had a few twists I wasn't ready for too. I thought Meyer did a great job finishing the story and am anxious for the movie of Twilight to come out in December.

I'll sign out with my usual....more on the next post.