Monday, September 19, 2011

Camp Second Chance

This past weekend our family went to Rutledge, GA to go to Camp Second Chance. It is a special weekend camp for transplant kids and their families. It was a great experience and the place is amazing!!! Ian will have the opportunity to go for a week in the summer to "Camp Independence" when his is older and we definitely plan on sending him.
Beach Party was the theme this year and they had a big beach party set up for the kids with tons of jump castles. That event lasted two hours until 9:45 at night and the kids slept really well after all that jumping! Our family had fun going on a paddle boat, fishing, mini golfing, and going to the group drumming circle. The closing event was a butterfly release where each of the transplant kids got to make a wish and release a butterfly (fitting as the entire transplant wing at CHOA is all butterfly themed!) Ian's butterfly didn't want to leave and spent some time on his shoe, or Brett's thumb.
A great weekend and we are ready to come home and rest now! Here are some picture highlights.


Toni said...

That sounds like a really cool camp.

Anonymous said...

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